Tuesday 2nd June 2020

An integral part of the lives of Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Roger Fry was an interest in the decorative arts, fully demonstrated in the formation of the Omega Workshops in 1913 and in the decoration of Charleston, the Sussex home Bell and Grant shared for fifty years and which is a wonderful embodiment of their style and way of life. This lecture looks at the enormous variety of projects they were involved in and the interiors and items they decorated with flair and exuberance.

Note: We are organising a visit to Charleston and Alfriston on Wednesday 10th June as a follow-on from this lecture. Click here for more details.

Sandra Pollard

History Degree from Bristol University. Certificate in Higher Education in Fine Art and MA in Art History. Part-time lecturer for over 35 years, presently for the Open University and Liverpool University School of Continuing Education. Freelance to the National Trust, the Art Fund, WEA. Until recently a Trustee of the Bowes Museum. Founder member and past Chairman and President of The Arts Society of North Yorkshire and South Durham.