Liz bamji and Terry Westerdale present the TDFAS donation to the Canterbury Oast Trust - July 2015

Liz Bamji and Terri Westerdale present the TDFAS donation to the Canterbury Oast Trust – July 2015

Tenterden DFAS was delighted to present its annual Young Arts Award to the Canterbury Oast Trust.  Located near Tenterden, the Trust caters for adults with learning disabilities. The grant enabled it to buy a digital camera to assist with desktop publishing, including publishing the charity’s newsletter, and for its users to learn photography and digital animation skills.

The  Canterbury  Oast  Trust  supports  young  adults  with  learning  difficulties  , sometimes  complex,  to  live  more  independently  and  take  control  of  their  lives.  They operate  a  number  of  training  projects  which  help  to  generate  income  to  support  their  work  including:

Rare  Breeds  Centre :  a  farm  and  restaurant  open  to  the  public  attracting  over  80,000  visitors  per  year.

The  Mariners’ :  a   busy   tea  room  in  Rye,  East  Sussex.

Poulton  Wood:  a  28  acre  woodland  conservation  project.

Rainbow  Gallery:  a  vibrant  art  project  which welcomes  over 100  artists.

Plants  and  Produce:  a  horticultural  project  growing  plants  for  sale  to  the  public.

Our  donation  has  been  given  to  the  formerly  named  Rainbow  Gallery  now  renamed  Art  on  the  Farm.  The  new  music  system  for  their  Sensory  Room will  complement  and  add  to  the  individual’s  experience  of  art  and  craft  sensory  experience.  This  is  because  the  music  that  speaks  to  them  can  be  programmed  for  their session.  The  Sensory  Room  is used  increasingly  by  young  people  with  complex  needs  who  do  not  leave  their  homes  often.  Art  and  their  sensory  experience  offer  a  huge  boost  to  their  lives.