The following is the text of the speech given by Lucia Fisher who is responsible for Young Arts in the Arts Society Tenterden.

“Good morning and welcome to our special presentation meeting for the Young Artist of the Year. I am Lucia Fisher and in charge of finding the Young Artist of the year.

Some of you might not be aware of this yearly event, so I will explain, what the criteria behind this Event is.

As an Art Society, we are very aware how important it is to encourage young people to be Creative.

Creativity is often a good way to further young people’s confidence and therefore can improve their academic school work. It’s also a great help when pupils encounter difficulties in their life.

Our aim is to reward Schools, pupils and students for their commitment to art education.


This year the committee agreed not only to award a young artist, but also a local school for their dedication to creative education.

I am very happy to announce that this year’s school is Wittersham Church of England Primary school.

I visited the school several times and was very impressed by the creative work of pupils in every Class room.

The Tenterden Art Society therefore awarded £ 100 cheque so it can be used in a special project.

Let me welcome Rachel Basset Art leader of Wittersham School.


The Young Artist of the year is a student from Homewood School Tenterden. I like to welcome Rebecca Cash and her parents and of course her Art Teacher Gina Parry.


Rebecca’s special subject is Textile design.

Rebecca has worked in many Textiles areas, showing skill in screen printing, hand embroidery, beading and crochet.

She will be studying textile A-level and is looking forward to do so, Rebecca will receive a cheque for £200 to help her financing future project.”