Young Arts copySponsorship

For 2019: Angie Fry our Young Arts Coordinator selected two recipients this year. We were unable to choose between two very worthy students so this year, Tenterden Arts Society presented one cheque and the second was donated by Angie Fry. The recipients were both Homewood School students: Kerry Milsted (Textiles and Fine Art) and Shannon Woolett (Ceramics). Click here for more details and photographs YOUNG ARTS 2019.

For 2018 the committee agreed not only to award a young artist, but also a local school for their dedication to creative education. This year’s school is Wittersham Church of England Primary school and the Young Artist of the year is Rebecca Cash, a student from Homewood School Tenterden. Click here for more detail: YOUNG ARTS 2018.

The 2017 award was made to Ben Nicholls, a student from Homewood School. Over the last 2 years Ben has developed into a very promising potter and has researched and developed a variety of glazes to create varying colours and effects. Click here for more detail: YOUNG ARTS PROJECT 2017.

The 2016 award was made to Daisy Hosmer-Wright, a young student from Rye Studio School who lives in Goudhurst.  A talented artist, she is undertaking a Foundation year before applying to university, and the award has enabled her to purchase art materials.

In 2015 we donated  £250  to  the  Canterbury  Oast  Trust. Located near Tenterden, the Trust caters for adults with learning disabilities. The grant enabled it to buy a digital camera to assist with desktop publishing, including publishing the charity’s newsletter, and for its users to learn photography and digital animation skills. See YOUNG   ARTS  PROJECT  2015

In 2013 TDFAS gave a donation to Rolvenden Primary School for its summer 2013 production of The Lion King. The funds were used to purchase beautiful African printed fabric for Lion harem trousers and pink and green vegetation capes, as well as materials to make costumes for giraffes, antelopes, zebras and cheetahs. The musical was extremely well-received by both parents and public, and the children enjoyed themselves hugely.

Until 2012 TDFAS provided a grant towards the fees and travelling expenses of a talented young local flautist who attends the Junior Royal School of Music.